Thursday, February 10, 2011

Til Death Do Us Part

Have you ever owned an item or two that you absolutely loved to death? As in, you used it or wore it so often for so long that it was literally falling apart before you had the heart to finally put it in the bin? I definitely have. While I am somewhat of a material girl and have a large collection of stuff (as in everything), I still make the most of my things! That's why I have no problem splurging on expensive shoes every once in a while; I wear the heels down on my shoes, to the point where I've had them replaced so I could continue abusing them. I photographed a couple pairs of shoes that I have worn down, and also an eyeliner that I use every single day (pictured next to a full length, unused pencil). The solid black shoes I purchased as my choir shoes from Nordstrom Rack when I was fifteen (I am twenty now). They have served as my work shoes, at Nordstrom and Seattle's Best Coffee, where they took the most abuse in the form of coffee and milk spills. The snake skin (or rainbow trout) print shoes are from Urban Outfitters and have (and still are) my trek to class and wear-at-work shoes. Those I purchased two or three years ago. I still won't let these shoes go to the grave and I wear them at least 3-4 times per week. I love them so much I can't bear to part with them! Call me a pack rat, call me cheap, but I love my stuff.

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