Sunday, May 10, 2009

First attempt at a makeup post

As you already know, I love shoes and clothing, and everything fashion related, but recently I've become more interested in fashion makeup (fashion makeup being runway, photo shoot, etc.) I love colors and having dark eyes works to my advantage; I can use pretty much any color. Today I'm giving Max Factor a run to see how it turns out!

Step one, put a base on your eye lids so that the eye shadow doesn't rub off entirely by the end of the day. Urban Decay makes an excellent base called the Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It prevents creasing too! Cover the entire eyelid with green.

Step two, add blue to the outer ends of the eye lids. I only put a little bit on, but you can add more for a more dramatic effect.

Step three, dab the inner corners of the eye lids with purple. I used a tiny tiny bit, and I used to my pinkie finger to apply it (you can use a small, precise brush if you have one). Add eye liner and mascara and you're good to go! My finished product turned out like this.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunshine at Last!

When I woke up this morning I saw sunshine! So I threw on some baggy denim shorts, a tube top from Buffalo Exchange and a sweater from the limited. Recently I've been on a shoe rampage (okay maybe its not a recent habit in my life), but I got those cute Steve Madden sandals a few days ago right? Well the week before that I snatched up some faux suede electric blue gladiator stilettos from Ether on NW 23rd. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet cause of the weather, until now. They are just so cool! It was a littler cooler outside than I had expected but that's alright. It's warming up finally! I got a text from my dad in senior seminar today notifying me that my car will be ready to pick up from the shop at 3 pm today. My car had been hit (pretty badly) in a parking lot. While it was parked, while I was at work. Luckily, the guy who hit it left a nice note on my win shield with his phone number on it, so the insurance took care of everything. I've been driving around a maroon Mazda 6 with a Nevada license plate for the past few days. Its cool, steers easily and its so nice to have 4 doors! But I do miss my little black jelly bean (a.k.a. Toyota Yaris hatchback). I'm glad its the weekend! I have lots to do, and IB lit testing again on Monday, but I plan to enjoy my weekend. xo!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mixed Weather in May

April showers bring May flowers? Yeah right, more like April showers bring sporadic patches of sunshine with more rain so no one knows how to dress. In the morning there was some sun coming through the clouds, but later I found my feet all wet due to the pouring rain. I had to take my jacket off and throw it over my head. Then it got sunny and warm later in the afternoon. Why can't Portland weather just make up its mind? I didn't know how to dress so I threw on something casual. But I scored those shoes yesterday for only $15! They're Steve Madden's too! I borrowed that jacket from my mom, white t shirt stolen from my friend Eric and red pants from Saks by Citizens of Humanity. They're actually ankle pants. But I'm short so they're the perfect length!