Sunday, May 10, 2009

First attempt at a makeup post

As you already know, I love shoes and clothing, and everything fashion related, but recently I've become more interested in fashion makeup (fashion makeup being runway, photo shoot, etc.) I love colors and having dark eyes works to my advantage; I can use pretty much any color. Today I'm giving Max Factor a run to see how it turns out!

Step one, put a base on your eye lids so that the eye shadow doesn't rub off entirely by the end of the day. Urban Decay makes an excellent base called the Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It prevents creasing too! Cover the entire eyelid with green.

Step two, add blue to the outer ends of the eye lids. I only put a little bit on, but you can add more for a more dramatic effect.

Step three, dab the inner corners of the eye lids with purple. I used a tiny tiny bit, and I used to my pinkie finger to apply it (you can use a small, precise brush if you have one). Add eye liner and mascara and you're good to go! My finished product turned out like this.

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