Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally a fashion post!

So this is not what I'm wearing (or was wearing today), because it's still 10 AM and I'm in sweatpants and an American Apparel hoodie, but I did want to post a little fashion update. So this is one of my favorite little ensembles. I think my lovely art teacher, Ms. Cain, abruptly stopped her speech to the class, mid-sentence to exclaim "Whoa! Your shoes!". I might have turned a delicate shade of pink as everyone in the room (of like 40 kids) turned to stare at my shoes, but hey shoe attention is good attention! Those are Steve Maddens by the way, and the socks just accentuate the gold strap. So many random people came up to me that day to talk about how cool my shoes were. Thanks. :) I love shoes! If only I had money now...

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